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…there’re in place for a reason and apply to everyone, including you!

If you know me at all you know I love Goomba to death and he has dog aggression after being attacked a few times. He’s not a bully, he’s so freaking scared of large dogs and that freaks out and immediately feels the need to defend himself. This breaks my heart.

I have learned to live with this. The way Goomba and I interact with the outside world is completely different then I thought when I adopted a dog. We have to avoid popular places and times of day. Anything remotely close to a dog park or allowing off leash dogs is out of the question. Boulder is actually TOO dog friendly for us. I take him to unpopular areas requiring a leash, really early or late. It sucks being limited, but I accept this is how it is.

Now I’m going to tell you some stories that limit us even further.

1) Goomba and I went on a hike shortly after moving here. The rules said “you have to have control over your dog at all times. This means on a leash or having the sight and voice tag” (this was before I crossed Boulder off our list). I thought about it for a long time. I knew I’d keep Goomba on a leash, move off the path if we saw another dog, if someone’s dog was off leash they had to have a perfect recall so when I asked them not to come near us they’d have to call their dog back and it’d come. We went a few miles, the trail got hard and Goomba got tired so we turned around. Everything was going fine. When I saw a dog far away, I found a spot to move out of the way so they could pass without getting too close to us. If I saw a dog off leash, I said “hey my dog is scared” and one guy even said “thanks for having him on a leash”. I felt proud of myself like we had a setback, but we weren’t letting it stop us from enjoying Colorado. We were taking the extra steps to still enjoy the mountains. Then one group came, I said “my dog is scared of other dogs” and she didn’t hear me. I yelled it again, nothing. One more time (while another walker said to her friend “then why bring it here?”), nothing. Her dog ran right up to Goomba who had nowhere to go and was clearly uncomfortable. Goomba freaked out, I fell on my ass and slid down the mountain some, everybody stared. I was overcome by the feeling that others are ruining everything for me and cried the rest of the way down the mountain.

2) Goomba and I were walking just around the apartment complex and someone walked out a door with his two dogs. He accidentally dropped the leash while shutting the door and while Goomba and I looked worried and like we wanted to get as far away as possible. His dog kept walking towards us and he even looked at us and did nothing. He didn’t seem to care that he dropped his leash.

3) Goomba and I were walking down the stairs just last night to go to the bathroom before bedtime and a woman came out her door with two yellow labs. One on leash, one off. Goomba actually did great and we turned around to go up the stairs and wait. She asked if we were just going to the bathroom and said she’d wait. Which she didn’t. However the real problem is her response should have been “oops let me put a leash on my dog”.

4) I had lunch with some new people last weekend and one of them said he takes his dog to the park and puts a leash on with no intense to hold it so when he gets in trouble for having his dog run around freely he said “oops I just dropped the leash”. I immediately lost respect for him and ignored him the rest of lunch.

There are lots more stories, but you get the picture. These people make me feel like I can’t even leave the house with Goomba. It makes me so sad that Goomba has such little outside time/activities we can do, and these people make us have even less. I get it, your dog is friendly, but mine is not. I don’t care what you do, as long as you 100% have control over your dog not coming near me and mine. If I’m on a walk and your dog is off leash, he might run over to Goomba thinking he wants to play, then Goomba will freak out and someone will get hurt. Goomba being the known aggressive dog will be the one who gets in trouble and possibly put down depending on the situation. That’s not fair.

Leash laws are there for my protection, and you are just ignoring them, and I’m sick of it. I’m sick of being scared to take my dog on a walk. I’m sick of going on a walk and having to turn around a bout a quarter mile because there’s an off leash dog. I can’t even count how many walks have been cut way short being of an off leash dog up ahead. You think you are being super awesome to your dog, but you are being rude to every other dog. You should love and be respectful of all dogs, not just your own. 

Goomba loves loves loves people. But when I get the chance to walk him and see people coming, I make his leash a little shorter and walk on the grass. I know Goomba is friendly towards them, but I don’t know if they like dogs. I shouldn’t just assume everyone Goomba likes will like him back. I personally don’t understand how anyone can not like dogs, but I know those people exist, and I will respect their wishes. Maybe I’m a super nice and sensitive person (which I guess I am, but that shouldn’t matter), but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for others to have the same courtesy. 

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ihatefriedchicken said: Omg your dog is so cute! Love all your pictures of him!

Thank you!!

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I made it until 28 before having to live in an apartment. In Asheville I had a townhouse which was similar, but we have no one above/below us, our neighbor to one side was deaf, I didn’t have a dog, and we had one parking spot right in front of the door - which was usually mine since I got home later. I was also proud of avoiding apartments. Now, I find myself living in one. And honestly I’m kind of excited and it’s not so bad. Yes I have to watch the noise level, but I’m not a crazy person and I’m happy to have people nearby. I will no longer get scared when I hear weird noises in the dark. If something breaks, I can just call maintenance to come and fix it. The walls here are pretty thick - plus I’m on the end and next to a janitor closest, so I don’t exactly share walls with anyone. When I’m inside, I truly feel like I’m in my own bubble.

The biggest hurdle or learning experience will be with Goomba. He’s very protective which means he likes to bark when he thinks something is happening too close to us. He’s also used to having a tie up outside so whenever he wants I let him out. In just a week he’s already gotten tired at barking at EVERY SINGLE dog or person that walks outside. I’m on the 3rd floor and have an awesome balcony so I open the door and he just sits outside watching the world go by. I hope that will continue to improve and soon it won’t matter what size dog walks by, he will remain quiet. He’s always barked at weird noises that he doesn’t know where they come from, so that will also be a challenge. But we only hear the door to the garage a couple times so I think after he gets used to it he will stop.

I feel guilty as a pet owner, but I never really had to walk Goomba. I took him to work with me where he’d run around on a farm off leash, and hook him up to play in the large yard, so I never really thought a walk was needed. Clearly that will change. It seems like there are some other dog owners who have a similar issue with dog aggression, so as long as we can walk past each other and not get too close Goomba should be fine. I do have to walk up and down 3 flights of stairs every time I take him out thought. It’s time for me to suck it up and just deal with it! It’s worth it for my view and to open the door - that’s something I wouldn’t want to do on ground level - and Goomba’s barking would be worse.

They do have one dog run/park here, and are making another one in my building. Today Rebecca and I went on a walk around the complex and no one was there, so we went in and ran around for a few minutes. I’m not sure how that works in more of a run then a huge dog park at a real park. I hope to go on walks and notice if no one is in there let him in again. Then if someone else comes just ask to wait and let me leave first. The good thing about the new one is that I can see if anyone’s in it from just one step out of my apartment. So I can quickly see if we can go or wait. Just moving here I have no idea how many people actually use it, or if people like to use it at the same time as other dogs. All things I will learn in time. I think he just loves sitting on the porch in the sun. 

I have a lot of things to learn, and things that will just take time to adjust to, but so far I love my apartment and Denver. Tomorrow is my first day of work, and hopefully my stuff will arrive next weekend. I miss my bed and tv!

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Kendra emailed me months ago with a picture similar to this saying “how hard would this be to make?” I told her that it’s be fairly easy, the hardest part is just learning what new stitch that is and figuring out how to close a project in the hoop (I usually frame them). I never heard back.

This was months before the wedding, and I was feeling sad about not being a part of it or helping with any planning. So I took it upon myself to try and make this and surprise her with it. While it’s a small project, there actually were a lot of new aspects to it which made it different. 

First, I have to hit the craft store! I needed all new supplies. A hoop (since I’d be giving this one to her), fabric (I wanted to use something thinner since it would be more noticeable), thread (I needed thicker thread since it was all “back-stitching”), and a special blue marker. The hardest part was actually making the heart come out even. We all know how hard is it to draw a heart that isn’t lop-sided, but while stitching I can’t easy redo it. They make a marker for this exact reason which disappears when you rub it with cold water.

First things first, let’s practice. Practicing using the marker and erasing it, practice drawing the heart and letters, practice this new stitch I learned, practice stitching ON the line that I drew.

Not bad. Okay, next, draw the real thing. I ended up finding a picture of a heart on my ipad and traced it on to the fabric. Which was surprisingly also difficult because while tracing the ipad thought I was trying to make the picture bigger/smaller. But I pushed through and tried to put it in the hoop as centered as possible.

I had some trouble at the bottom, but hoped I could fix it later. I did all the stitching during a movie. Perfect Saturday night, watching 10 Things I Hate About You while stitching something for my best friend and her wedding.

Yay! Except for that blue crap. Between a washcloth and a q-tip I washed the blue away.

Beautiful! Now let’s look at the finished project vs my practice cloth.

The next day I took a look and the blue came back! I was horrified. I washed it away again and luckily it never came back. Hope it stays gone this time.

All that’s left now is to frame it. I’ve got weeks, months even, and don’t know how to do it, so what do I do? Leave it on the kitchen table…for weeks….months even. When faced with a problem where I don’t know what to do, my favorite method is to ignore it and it will go away and fix itself. Sadly, no magic fairy came to finish this. A week before the wedding I decided I should suck it up and just DO something. I googled a ton and found multiple options, but didn’t really like any. I didn’t want to do anything permanent because I was sure I’d mess it up and then there’s no fixing it. So I found one that looked pretty easy AND you can cut the string to take it out. It’s common for work to get dirty, or become loose and need tightening again. So this way should Kendra need to do either of those things OR reframe it a different way, it’s super easy for her to do so. She’s not stuck with it the way it is.

First I cut the extra fabric to leave only about a 2 in circle. That’s a lie, first I washed and ironed it, THEN I started the framing process.

Check. Next, I bought felt so I could stuff the inside. This provides a padded look to the finished work, plus it makes it more solid. With such thing fabric and dark colors, you can see through the work a little and see the extra thread where I started/finished it. So I cut the felt in circles to fit nicely inside.

Great! Lastly, I threaded string around the outside circle and pulled it tight to make it closed.

Woohoo! That worked out great!

Since Kendra asked about it originally, I thought maybe she wanted it as decoration. But it was so close to the wedding I was too scared to mail it in case it didn’t arrive in time before she left. We met at Bob’s parent’s house (the reception area) before the ceremony so I asked where the card/gift table was and I unwrapped this and set it up resting on the basket (I don’t know why I didn’t take a photo of that). Kendra loved it and said she was going to hang it up in their apartment. It made me happy. :)

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I was on the verge of tears all day yesterday, picking Goomba up and bringing him home just made it worse. I arrived at the vet RIGHT when he was waking up and he was stumbling like a drunk - which just made him cuter. The doctor ended up giving him some stitches and staples after all.

I’m a pro at the cone of shame by now, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying or awkward. We got home and Goomba slept immediately for a few hours, which was awesome.

Then he woke up and was antsy. It’s so hard because I don’t know what to do. He just cries and I think maybe he wants to get up so I try to help but he doesn’t move. If he DOES get up, then he just stands there. I try and get him to lay down but he just looks at me. I’m terrified about that big hole the vet left open. It seems a little big/deep to me, but apparently he didn’t need closure like the others. Every time Goomba moves it starts bleeding. I follow him with a paper towel dabbing it and I’ll just buy him a new bed after this is over.

There is some good news. He’s walking on it more then expected when we go to the bathroom, and almost tries to sprint back when he’s finished. And this morning his tag was wagging!! Last night was rough. Goomba was in pain and while not wanting to move, he didn’t want to go to sleep either. I was scared to go to sleep because when I close my eyes it all happens over again. Around 5 he got up and came over to the bed but I had to deny him. You can hear when his cone hits walls and objects and it just makes you cringe. Adam woke up for a call at 6 and Goomba was wide awake. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep the next hour so I might as well get Adam’s help getting Goomba downstairs before his call. He did very well this morning. I took the cone off, he’s not drinking water but he finally ate some food. I gave him his pain meds and infection meds. I have a saline solution to run through the wound to flush it out, but I can’t find the second hole so I’m waiting for Adam’s help. Goomba’s tail was still wagging and he followed me around so I’m sitting on the ground near his bed. I have to get ready for work soon but I like sitting here with him while he can have the collar off.

The first day is the hardest. Hopefully it will just get easier. He also had eyeburgers all night which made us think he was crying.

Here’s an interesting photo of Goomba using his back leg in place of his front.

One day at a time, and day one has passed. 

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Emotions are running high for me today. Looking at Goomba and seeing his leg bone makes me cry every time. This morning I got to work, set up, and the neighbor walked by with her two dogs as she does every day. Hunter is a pit-bull mix. He doesn’t really remind me of a pit, he’s pretty short. But if I had to pick a breed that’s what I’d do with. And I think the owner has mentioned he’s a pit mix before - definitely a bully breed with a bad rep. Hunter and Goomba are friends. Hunter walks by on leash glaring at my office window every time looking for Goomba. If Goomba sees them he jumps on the window crying begging me to let him go say hello. I only bring Goomba to work 2 or 3 times a week. And if he doesn’t see them I usually stay inside. If he does see Hunter, I let him out to play. I grab his leash and walk out there, she drops Hunter’s leash, so they are equals and they run around playing. They do wrestle since it’s in both of their breeds, but we are very alert and break it up before it goes too far. Most of the time they are just running chasing each other. We both look forward to their play dates because 1) we both have semi-dog aggressive dogs, so we’re happy to have a furry friend to play with that we know they get along and they at least have one dog friend and 2) I’m at the office working and she leaves for work afterwards so we like the dogs getting some play time and exercise before laying down for a few hours. 

Today things got taken too far. They were playing and after a few minutes of running, peeing, chasing, sniffing, more running, they started wrestling. We started getting uncomfortable and tried to break it up before it was really fighting. Failed. I kept grabbing Goomba but she couldn’t get Hunter, so he’d just follow us and continue. Things escalated quickly. Hunter bit Goomba on the upper left leg, right around the elbow. We couldn’t get him off. I was pulling Goomba, Hunter came with him. I pulled Hunter, he dragged Goomba with him. At one point I stuck my hand inside Hunter mouth to try and loosen the grip. I realize putting my hand in a pit’s mouth while he’s attacking my dog is not the best idea, but I nothing else was working and I couldn’t sit there doing nothing. I was on the ground with Goomba facing me crying and squealing and I felt helpless. My mind was racing and all I could think of was how I had a front row seat watching my dog get his leg ripped off. I thought for sure he leg would be at least broken.

Somehow we broke the dogs up. She grabbed Hunter’s leash and I laid on the ground with Goomba in my lap. Not important, but the grass was just cut so I have wet cut grass all over my body. The owner was very nice. She was also a little shaken up and very worried for Goomba. She kept asking if he could walk and said if I take him to the vet she would help and let her know. I held it together long enough to leave. We got up and Goomba limped to the car. I took him to the vet and cried the whole way. 

He’s fine. He didn’t cry at all once he was loose. He didn’t even get upset with the two dogs and one cat in the small waiting room. It helped that the dogs stayed on the other side and I was a mess so clearly people wanted to stay away from me anyways. I left Goomba there and they called me shortly after I left saying he doesn’t need stitches, just a good deep cleaning, bandages, and pain meds. For a cost of $201.

I do not blame the owner, and I do not blame the pit. I think all 4 parties are equally responsible. It’s just unfortunate that Goomba is the one who took the fall. Even though Goomba is can be dog aggressive, he’s very submissive and once it was taken to that level, he wasn’t fighting back at all and was just trying to retreat. 

My heart aches for him and all I want to do is cuddle and watch movies with my puppy in my lap. Definitely stopping by the pet store to buy a treat on the way home.

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This makes me lol all day long.

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New addition to the family! My cousin had her first baby in October, and he is beautiful!


Unfortunately, I was (and still am) behind on my baby presents so I didn’t get a chance to start Felix’s present until after he was born. That being said, I got to picture him and the family while I made it! Instead of dreaming of what the little munchkin will look like or how Hillary will be as a mother, I already knew! I had a tough time picking this one out. I found this owl pattern which I liked but thought it might be small and boring. I asked my stepmom for advice since she knows Hillary’s style more and she said that Brandon (the husband and baby daddy) loved owls. Perfect! I was looking for an excuse to pick this one! So I quickly got to work.


I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with it. The colors are so bright, and you guys know how I’m a sucker for bright colors. They really pop and while I’m not a fan of owls, I started to love this piece way more than I thought.





And Felix:


(ew I don’t know why there’s a yellow tint to this photo)

I was amazed at how quickly I was working through it. All that’s left was the border and bark!


I finished it right before the holidays, but due to holiday spending and traveling AND moving, I decided to put it in a safe place and not worry about framing it until things calm down in January. Once I was settled in at the new place, I dug it out and washed it.

Then I realized I forgot to sign it! So I every so carefully stitched my initials trying not to touch anything, which is pretty hard - and with no hoop either because I had already ironed it flat. Alas! I have it completed (minus backstitching in the bark which I purposely left out not wanting it, including my initials), washed, and ironed. Ready to hit the frame shop!

Framing was a little tricky. With Kelly’s I immediately knew I wanted light purple. This one I had no idea. It’s a boy so obviously I wanted to avoid any pinks or purples. The thought of blue or green comes to mind but the data owl is a teal color so any blue or green would clash. Unless I used teal but that’s the biggest owl and I didn’t want that color to dominate. Orange was a contender but with the stitched orange border I didn’t think I’d like it. In the end I think it was between orange and a light green. I picked orange and stopped thinking about it.

I waited 4 weeks and completely forgot about it. She said 3 weeks and after the 4th I realized I haven’t heard from them yet. I gave the frame shop a call and she said they had my number wrong so couldn’t reach me but my work is finished and ready to pick up. Yay!



Welcome to the world Felix! You will love your parents just as much as all the rest of us! Congratulations to the Peete family and their little bundle of joy. We are all very happy for you guys!




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This made me lol. Always a good time searching for “Goomba” and seeing what pops up.

This made me lol. Always a good time searching for “Goomba” and seeing what pops up.

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Goomba’s head tremors.